Industry Advice

Robert Paraguassu
After Effects & Cinema 4D Animator
Floyd County Productions

In this economy, what have you found to be the best technique to gain employment in the Atlanta animation industry?

No matter what your skill level, learn Photoshop, After Effects, and either Cinema 4D or Maya. When asked, tell people you know those programs, and when offered a job using one of them, take it. You wouldn't believe how many people I recommended apply for a job, people without jobs, who turned it down.

If you are an artist and want to work in animation, learn the basics of those programs, and you can get a job. Put together a demo reel, a one-page resume, and send them out to all the studios in town. Write a brief, professional cover letter, and be specific about what you are interested in doing.

You may be an amazing designer, but not know after effects, but you can learn it easily. A lot of places are willing to train on the job.

Never just show up to a studio. Every studio has a website and an e-mail address. If they're too busy to hire someone new, then they're too busy to talk to someone who's just walking in.

Also, be nice to everyone you talk to, assume that any one could be the person who will decide to hire you - no matter their sex, age, or appearance.