Hi all, ASIFA-ATLANTA has now expanded and is ASIFA-SOUTH to be inclusive of our friends in South USA. While we are migrating our database, this website will cease to function Aug 2017. Please visit us at our new website at 


ASIFA-Atlanta presents the Oakcliff Elementary 

4th Grade Animation Screening

                     ASIFA-Atlanta is proud to have worked with the Oakcliff Elementary 4th Graders to produce these wonderful Stop Motion Films. 

 The Animation was formed around the concept of S.T.E.A.M. Research. (Science/ Technology/ Engineering/Art/Mathematics)   

While working the students learned the fundamentals of animation, the language of film, creating scripts and complimentary storyboards. Students also used teamwork to fulfil the needs each of their films required to be created. The students worked together to produce unique and entertaining content to be shown at the school.

A truly fun and memorable event
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Excited for the 14th International Animation Day? Check out a sneak peak of a few of the line ups we have this year! Animation from Australia, Thailand, Portugal, Japan, Austria, and more! Thank you to our sponsors Atlanta Film Society, Plaza Theatre, Kamera, and Kime Media.

SAVE THE DATE! Join ASIFA-Atlanta for the 14th Annual International Animation Day. 

Catch curated animation from different ASIFA-chapters around the world including Australia, Austria, and Japan! Check out our facebook to RSVP for headcount! Our showcase this year is focused on diversity, disability inclusion, and going back to the roots of ASIFA: promoting peace through animation.

ASIFA-Atlanta 14th International Animation Day

Plaza Theatre 7-9.30 PM


ASIFA Atlanta will be attending Maker Faire 2015, hosting a hands-on animation workshop. This is great chance to learn the animation basics  and meet with local Atlanta animators. Great for kids!

October 3 (sat) 10:00am-5:00pm.
October 4 (sun) 12:00pm-5:00pm.