12 n' 12: Animation Draw Challenge

12 n' 12: Animation Draw Challenge
Studio Outpost, Nov. 12 & 13/ 10a - 10p, Free & open to public
Registration Deadline: November 10, 2011

ASIFA-Atlanta presents "12 n' 12", the premiere animation draw challenge for Atlanta animators. Inspired by Scott McCloud's "24-Hour Comic", this 24-hour challenge has been split up into to separate days (12 hours each day).

Teams of no more than four will come together to create a one-of-a-kind animation for a local organization. The final animations will be compiled and shown during our December screening at the High Museum. Prizes will also be awarded to the winning team.

Food and supplies will be provided. To participate in the challenge, or find out more information, please send an email to allyssalewis@gmail.com with your:

1. Full Name
2. If you will be working alone, with a team, or if you would like to be placed on a team

3. Description of your animation experience

4. *Optional: Any samples of your work

~Join us! ~Meet local animators! ~Put you skills to the test!

1. How much does it cost to participate?

--- Nothing. There is no cost required of participants.

2. Can I work from home?
--- Yes, but there are some special rules that you must follow. Please let us know if you plan to work from home.

3. What is the challenge going to be?

--- It is a secret. The release of the challenge will be 10am, Nov. 12th. No one will be given any information on the challenge until then.

4. Is it okay if I work with my non-animation friend?

---Yes, as long as one of you has experience with animation. The experienced person in each group will be considered the team leader and main point of contact. If there are multiple experienced animators in a group, then the group may decide on the leader.

5. Can I participate if I have never animated before?

--- Yes. Unfortunately, there will be no time to teach you how to animate during the challenge. If you do not know how to animate, you must join a team where someone does. No first-time animators will be allowed to work by themselves.