Thanks for a great show at the High Museum of Art!

Thanks so much to everyone who came to the ASIFA-Atlanta / Society for Animation Studies screening at the High Museum of Art on July 10th!

Also, many thanks to our volunteers, who helped tremendously with the door. And thanks to Penny Stupin, who was an awesome projectionist, and to Linda Dubler at the High Museum of Art.

I'll post a scan of the program in another post.

Here was the lineup of films:

Animation Draw 1 - ASIFA-Atlanta
Happy and Strickly in "Fuzzy Business" - Robert Paraguassu
Vice Versa - Jacques Khouri
White Cow - Kristin Jarvis
Avery Mathews - Richard Ferguson-Hull / Steve Vitale / Turner Studios
Blossoming Flower, Smooch, Lick - Bradley Bailey
Mouse and Cat - Joe Peery
As Seen on TV! - Lee Crowe
Traveler of the Horizon - Hamid Bahrami
Cornpopalypse - Graham Shirley
Death of a Matriarch - Takuro Masuda
Animation Draw 2 - ASIFA-Atlanta
A Day at the Beach - John Ryan
Fluidtoons - Brett W. Thompson
Stubbe Peter - Kristin Jarvis
Curtains - Amanda Goodbread
Juxtaposer - Joanna Davidovich
i will enjoy - Em Kempf
Moviekiss (The Lite Brite Video) - Gina Niespodziani
Code Monkey - Jennifer Barclay
Animation Draw 3 - ASIFA-Atlanta
Get Got - Bryan Fordney
Busted - Matt Maiellaro

One of the questions during the Q&A was, "Which of these films are available for viewing online?", and Ian suggested I post some of them in one place, so here we are:

Happy and Strickly in "Fuzzy Business" from bark-bark on Vimeo.

vice versa from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

Getgot from bryab on Vimeo.