Animation Inspiration

Seven Ways To Find Animation Project Inspiration Sources
Curtesy of Niña Angeli Pilapil of Pixel Smith Studios
If you look at some of the great animated works of out time, you can tell that a lot of hard work and creative input was placed there. How can you do an equally good or even better job? You need the right mindset and outpour of creative juice to keep you going. Here are seven ways to help you get the inspiration you need:

1. Study your target audience’s profile. Before you can even start brainstorming about what to do or create, you need to make sure that you know your target audience or viewers first. After all, they are your creation’s main recipients. Find out what sparks their interest so you’ll know where to focus your attention to.

2. Look at your past creative works. Whether it’s the same product or just about any creative output for that matter, it will also help if you look at your past works and be reminded of how imaginative or inventive you can be. This is a really good way to get you in the zone and be in sync with your creative instincts.

3. Get in touch with nature. Stop whatever you’re doing and go out for a walk in your neighborhood even for just a while. Take in the beauty of nature by appreciating everything around you: trees, flowers, animals, sceneries, and people. This will remind you about the many different elements in this world and hopefully get you attuned with your imaginative side.

4. Read a good book or visit the library or the nearest bookstore. Break free from the grasp of your electronic gadgets and connect with books again. Just browsing through the book titles in libraries and bookstores will help you think about the many subjects or topics that you can touch up on when creating your animated product.

5. Talk with experts in the field. It is always helpful to take cues and tips from people who are experienced in this field. Find time to converse with a few of them so you can pick their minds and get ideas for your next project.

6. Get all the tools and equipment you need. Before you start working on your project, make sure that you have the complete set of tools and equipment that will enable you to create the best product you have ever made. Working with an incomplete set of tools forces you to stop occasionally which can be a hindrance to the smooth flow of ideas in your brain.

7. Go ahead and do it! There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing a work started and having the right mindset to see it finished. Just go ahead and start the project and you’ll see that the flow of creative juices will just go naturally as you keep going.
Do you think these tips can help you create an animation masterpiece? If yes, you better get right on with it then! Seize this chance and make or produce the next big hit in the world of animation!