Roll Yer Own 2010: Awards!

Thanks so much to everyone who came to Roll Yer Own, to our amazing volunteers and board members (especially Allyssa, our vice president, and Fatimah, our secretary).

We have two awards for Roll Yer Own:

Best in Show: The Scarf by Carla Veldman

Audience Choice award: Window Pains by Paul Allen Tillery

Second place for Audience Choice: Pea on the Screws
Third place for Audience Choice: Dah Cartoon
Fourth place for Audience Choice: Robota

We also had shirts available for the first time in years- thanks to Chris at WonderRoot for helping me screenprint these!!

I still have some left and want to make more soon.


By purchasing one, you are directly supporting ASIFA-Atlanta, and we need help to get nonprofit status and continue to have events.


Here's the program, designed by Allyssa:

Fwd: ASIFA-Atlanta presents "Roll Yer Own" tonight from 8-10pm!

Here's the raw shirt design:

ASIFA-Atlanta Shirt by Brett W. Thompson