ASIFA-Atlanta thanks you! Plus: animation-related news!

Hello animation fan!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make our first annual art show / music show / party a big success- volunteers, artists, musicians, and those who came out to support us!

We filled up Eyedrum's parking lot, had awesome art and music, and raised some money for ASIFA-Atlanta so we can keep doing exciting things in 2009!

Jerry Fuchs (aka "Fooksie") wrote about his experience, complete with pictures:

I've started a Flickr group for anyone to upload photos from the night; so far, we have pictures from Jerry Fuchs, myself, Savannah, and Bianca Butler; the pictures are a bit unsorted but there's a lot there to look at:

If the show had been a film, these would be the credits; thank you to:

- All our artists, without whom there wouldn't be a show at all
- All our performers and musicians: William Tucker, Floating Coats, The Back Pockets, Omelet, and Falcon Lords
- Alena Spragg for getting the whole thing started and printing posters, getting snacks, helping with dropoff, emails, Facebook, etc etc
- Jennifer Barclay, Aubrey Longley-Cook and Mikel, who did an amazing job hanging all the art (didn't it look nice?)
- Jennifer for the delicious pie and beautiful ASIFA-Atlanta flyers and for the sign for the show
- All our door volunteers, which is something I always greatly appreciate: Alena, Jillian Fratkin, Sandee Chamberlain, Robert Paraguassu, and Mollie Brock
- Our videographers: Bryan Fordney and Sean Jarrett
- Our photographer: Bianca Butler
- Jay Blodgett for the mass emails and for making artist submission form
- Jess Blankenship from Eyedrum for all the Eyedrum help and art show guidance
- Nathan Brown from Eyedrum who did a tremendous job with sound and setting up the projector

Our next scheduled event is An Evening of Stop-Motion Puppet Films at Center for Puppetry Arts ( on Saturday, Jan 17, 2009, 8pm. ASIFA-Atlanta is proud to be helping with this event!

Come enjoy the end result of countless hours of painstaking puppet manipulation captured on film one frame at a time as we celebrate an evening of stop-motion puppet animation. The evening includes Adam Elliot's Academy Award-winning Harvie Krumpet from Australia, Haunted Hogmanay from Ko-Lik Films of Scotland, as well as gems from Ray Harryhausen and Screen Novelties International, Barry Purves and Corky Quakenbush.
Location: Mainstage Theater
Cost: $7; $5 Center Members

Just a couple days later, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival ( will be showing Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist, at Lefont Sandy Springs, on Monday, Jan 19, 2009, 4:40pm. It's possible a representative from ASIFA-Atlanta will introduce the film and do a Q&A. This will be the Atlanta premiere of the film, which is a documentary on Will Eisner. Mark Mayerson writes about it here:

Speaking of premieres, Delgo was released to theatres on December 12th! This indepenent animated feature was created here in Atlanta by Fathom Studios. It screened at Annecy as well as the Red Stick Animation Festival in Baton Rogue. It also won Best Animated Feature at the Anima Mundi Film Festival in Brazil. I'd love to see more independent animated features produced with local talent!

Atlanta Film Festival is seeking entries, especially good animation. ASIFA-Atlanta will be involved with the festival's animation night; if you have a good film, please submit! The last deadline is January 9, 2009. Details here:

Local teen Jabril Mack, 15, won the 2008 Nickelodeon Greater Creator Award for his entry "Chicken Herder", which competed with over a thousand other entries! Article here:

And the film itself:

John Ryan, ASIFA-Atlanta board member and head of local studio Dagnabit! sent me their holiday card to share with everyone: 

We'll be having an ASIFA-Atlanta board meeting sometime soon to plan for 2009.

Here's what we have so far for 2009:

- Figure Drawing every Thursday at Westwood College
- Monthly Animation Workshop at Manuel's Tavern
- Monthly Boozer Doodle

- "An Evening of Stop-Motion" on Jan. 17th
- "Monster Road", documentary on Bruce Bickford, at Center for Puppetry Arts in March
- Atlanta Film Festival's "Animation Extravaganza" in April
- "Roll Yer Own" in May
- "Blowin' Smoke" in July
- "Animation Attack!" in August
- "International Animation Day" in October
- "Gallery Show" in December

More to come!

Take care and thanks for an amazing year!

-Brett W. Thompson, President of ASIFA-Atlanta

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